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Making a Positive Impact

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals and guide you through every exercise. No matter where you are in your exercise journey, I will help you reach your goals. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling better than you have in years, and seeing progress even after your first session.

Choose Your Path

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals and beyond. Learn about these offerings, and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

Meet the Owner

Jennifer Matkin

Jennifer is trained in Joseph Pilates Method Classical Pilates. She started her training in 2017 after she lost use of her right arm, leaving her unable to do any type of resistance exercises. After just a few months of training in Pilates she regained her strength, and so much more. She is stronger, more confident and focused, has a greater range of motion, and is more flexible than ever before. With her interest and certifications in other types of therapies, Pilates is an important tool to get people feeling (and being) better. Her heart and passion is to work with every person no matter their fitness level, helping them get stronger, gain flexibility and have a balanced body.


Mary McNichol

Jennifer is the most knowledgeable, encouraging, motivational, detail oriented exercise instructor I have ever worked with. I owe all my success to Jennifer and her classes!"


Esther Chi

"My experience with Jennifer was wonderful, anyone first meeting her will sense her drive and passion for Pilates. I hope others will be as fortunate with their Pilates experience as I was."

Melissa Coleman

"My core strength has increased dramatically with the addition of Pilates under the direction of Jennifer's expert explanation and teachings... Jen has compassion, drive, knowledge, and enjoys educating others..."

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