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Making a Positive Impact

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals and guide you through every exercise. No matter where you are in your exercise journey, I will help you reach your goals. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling better than you have in years, and seeing progress even after your first session.

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Jennifer is trained in Joseph Pilates Method Classical Pilates. She started her training in 2017 after she lost use of her right arm, leaving her unable to do any type of resistance exercises. After just a few months of training in Pilates she regained her strength, and so much more. She is stronger, more confident and focused, has a greater range of motion, and is more flexible than ever before.

With her interest and certifications in other types of therapies, Pilates is an important tool to get people feeling (and being) better.

Her heart and passion is to work with every person no matter their fitness level, helping them get stronger, gain flexibility and have a balanced body.

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Choose Your Path

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals and beyond. Learn about these offerings, and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

Private One-On-One Sessions

Strength & Stamina

In person or virtual options available!


~ Instructor’s focused attention

~ Customized instruction and techniques

~ Body awareness

~ Faster progression and results

High Plank

Beginner to Advanced Group Classes

Reformer & Mat Classes

Look Good, Feel Good. Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for? Book a session today!


~ Find motivation and inspiration

~ Make friends & be part of a community

~ Stay accountable

~ Boost confidence and energy

~ Improve form and technique

~ Budget friendly

Girls Doing Push Ups



A hands on technique that is a non-invasive alternative therapy designed to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. Based off the same principles as acupuncture, no needles are used, instead thump pressure is applied to specific points along the body's energetic meridians and pathways. 


~ Helps with Traumas/ PTSD 

~ Releases muscle tension

~ Reduces Anxiety & Stress

~ Helps with Sleep, Clarity & Depression 

~ Pain relief

Pressure Point Massage

Reiki & Energy Work

Reiki is a Japanese term that translates to universal life energy.

Reiki is an energy healing technique which channels energy through the practitioner to activate the natural healing processes of one’s being to restore physical and emotional balance.

Each practitioner has their own unique area of expertise. Jennifer’s energy focus is directed towards clearing depression, anxiety and negative self talk. 


~ Healing 

~ Balance 

~ Relaxation

~ Chakra Clearing 

Reiki Treatment

Stretch Therapy

Thai Stretching

Thai Stretching involves moving and manipulating the body to relieve physical and emotional tension. Unlike Swedish or shiatsu techniques, in which a person passively lies on a bed, the client lies on the floor and participates more actively.

Health benefits of Stretching include:

~ Lowering stress

~ Boosting energy

~ Improving Athletic Performance

~ Relieves Headaches 

~ Stimulates Circulation 

~ Increases Range of Motion


Japanese Facial Lift

Face "Gym"

Think "Workout for the Face". Combining Facial Reflexology, Vietnamese Reflects Points & Japanese method of draining the lymphatic system (detox effect). This treatment is a relaxing way to elevate stress not only in the muscles of the face, but the body as well. Leave feeling rejuvenated and with more clarity.


~ Balances the Organs (Including Skin)

~ Releases muscle tension in jaw 

~ Tonifies muscles

~ Stimulates Collagen production

~ Decreases Wrinkles & Puffiness

~ Reduces Anxiety & Stress

~ Helps with Sleep, Clarity & Depression

Head Massage
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Mary McNichol

“Jennifer is the most knowledgeable, encouraging,motivational,detail oriented exercise instructor I have ever worked with. When I first started with Jennifer , I was about 1 1/2 years out from Bi-lateral knee surgery and have osteoarthritis through most of my joints. My exercise was limited to walking 2-3 miles at least 5 times a week and walking in water. I was very happy with that, but knew I needed to try other forms of exercise as I had been so limited till surgery. I had been involved in Physical Therapy exercises classes, but  had only been able to walk as tolerated. Before beginning Pilates, I spoke to Jennifer and discussed my abilities and let her know I wanted to try but was not sure I could do this. I needed to work on my core and stretching, etc. Jennifer felt sure I could not just do this but also achieve my goals. I wasn't even sure I could get on the floor to start! She explained modifications could be made to accommodate my needs. So upbeat and passionate, I got started. I personally think she deserves a medal of honor for sticking with me! I really didn't know that much about Pilate's. Jennifer taught me History and the art of Pilate's and encouraged all the questions I could think of. She has such great knowledge and understanding of Pilate's from the breathing, learning proper movements and positioning etc. She could tell instantly when things were not properly done and worked with me till I got it right. She modified my movements whenever needed and kept challenging me to achieve more. She had adaptive devices, balls, lumbar pads, bands, etc. Always sharing extreme attention and care to avoid injury of any kind. Jennifer breaks down movements till properly learned. She is so calm and has a soothing encouraging voice, always being in control while making it both a challenging and fun session, you look forward to your session.

The Results

- I had no core at first, and now I do. 

-I am more limber and able to move better

- the stretching which I really needed has greatly improved all of my daily movements.

Jennifer would make an excellent instructor and addition to your program with her positive enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to explain technique.

She is driven and you experience success in a calm compassionate way.

I owe all of my success to Jennifer and her classes!”

-Mary McNichol

Pilates with Ball

Esther Chi

“Before working with Jennifer, I didn't know a lot about Pilates. During college, my roommate did a Pilates video and it looked like it was just a lot of breathing and stretching. It didn't seem like a workout to me and I wasn't interested. When Jennifer shared with me that she was interested in getting certified as a Pilates instructor, I could sense her passion and told her that I would love to learn more about Pilates. I remember being really nervous about the first session, Jennifer told me to wear a tight tank top and leggings, not exactly what I wanted to wear but I soon realized why. 

Jennifer shared with me about being in tune with your body as your stretch, tuck, breathe, and hold each position. She helped me to understand how it all connected. On my way home, I was so sore; my arms and abs were burning. I knew after that, I wanted to learn more. Jennifer and I worked together for a year and during that time, I looked forward to the Pilates sessions and it helped me to become more familiar with my body and helped relieve my back pain I had for months. Jennifer was so patient with me when my form was not correct and made each move seem so easy! Jennifer is not only a great instructor but she helped me to be able to be more in tune with my body. When I do any core exercises, I remember Jennifer saying "tighten your abs in like you're putting on skinny jeans" and I remember to do it! My experience with Jennifer was wonderful, anyone first meeting her will sense her drive and passion for Pilates. I hope others will be as fortunate with their Pilates experience as I was.”

-Esther Chi


Melissa Coleman

"...I began my Pilates instruction with Jennifer [in 2018]. I was new to the exercise and stuck with it, or should I say Jen stuck with me. I do believe we spent a good two weeks on the tuck and roll alone. It was a great learning experience for Jen and the class. We all grew to a comfort level with each new movement. Jen is very knowledgeable about the art of Pilates and its history. Jen had no trouble modifying movements for those of us finding some of the class more challenging. Also, Jen knew when to challenge those who would benefit from a new level. I was often finding myself in the hot seat with Jen's keen eye catching my compensations during moves. Jen knew how to modify moves to avoid risk of injury to myself and others. Jen was good at changing routines by adding equipment such as balls and lumbar pads when needed. Jen's soothing voice directs control in a calm and on point manner. I do miss class as we are unable to meet [during the pandemic]. My core strength has increased dramatically with the addition of Pilates under the direction of Jennifer's expert explanation and teachings... Jen has compassion, drive, knowledge, and enjoys educating others..."

- Melissa Coleman

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