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Read through client success stories and learn what it's like to work with Jennifer.

Pilates Client



  • I had no core at first, and now I do. 

  • I am more limber and able to move better

  • The stretching which I really needed has greatly improved all of my daily movements.

Mary McNichol

“Jennifer is the most knowledgeable, encouraging, motivational, detail oriented exercise instructor I have ever worked with. When I first started with Jennifer , I was about 1 1/2 years out from Bi-lateral knee surgery and have osteoarthritis through most of my joints. My exercise was limited to walking 2-3 miles at least 5 times a week and walking in water. I was very happy with that, but knew I needed to try other forms of exercise as I had been so limited till surgery. I had been involved in Physical Therapy exercises classes, but  had only been able to walk as tolerated. Before beginning Pilates, I spoke to Jennifer and discussed my abilities and let her know I wanted to try but was not sure I could do this. I needed to work on my core and stretching, etc. Jennifer felt sure I could not just do this but also achieve my goals. I wasn't even sure I could get on the floor to start! She explained modifications could be made to accommodate my needs. So upbeat and passionate, I got started. I personally think she deserves a medal of honor for sticking with me! I really didn't know that much about Pilate's. Jennifer taught me History and the art of Pilate's and encouraged all the questions I could think of. She has such great knowledge and understanding of Pilate's from the breathing, learning proper movements and positioning etc. She could tell instantly when things were not properly done and worked with me till I got it right. She modified my movements whenever needed and kept challenging me to achieve more. She had adaptive devices, balls, lumbar pads, bands, etc. Always sharing extreme attention and care to avoid injury of any kind. Jennifer breaks down movements till properly learned. She is so calm and has a soothing encouraging voice, always being in control while making it both a challenging and fun session, you look forward to your session.

Jennifer would make an excellent instructor and addition to your program with her positive enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to explain technique.  She is driven and you experience success in a calm compassionate way.

I owe all of my success to Jennifer and her classes!”

Pilates Client

Pilates with Ball


  • Pilates helped me to become more familiar with my body

  • It helped relieve backpain I had for months

Esther Chi

“Before working with Jennifer, I didn't know a lot about Pilates. During college, my roommate did a Pilates video and it looked like it was just a lot of breathing and stretching. It didn't seem like a workout to me and I wasn't interested. When Jennifer shared with me that she was interested in getting certified as a Pilates instructor, I could sense her passion and told her that I would love to learn more about Pilates. I remember being really nervous about the first session, Jennifer told me to wear a tight tank top and leggings, not exactly what I wanted to wear but I soon realized why. 


Jennifer shared with me about being in tune with your body as your stretch, tuck, breathe, and hold each position. She helped me to understand how it all connected. On my way home, I was so sore; my arms and abs were burning. I knew after that, I wanted to learn more. Jennifer and I worked together for a year and during that time, I looked forward to the Pilates sessions and it helped me to become more familiar with my body and helped relieve my back pain I had for months. Jennifer was so patient with me when my form was not correct and made each move seem so easy! Jennifer is not only a great instructor but she helped me to be able to be more in tune with my body. When I do any core exercises, I remember Jennifer saying "tighten your abs in like you're putting on skinny jeans" and I remember to do it! My experience with Jennifer was wonderful, anyone first meeting her will sense her drive and passion for Pilates. I hope others will be as fortunate with their Pilates experience as I was.”

Pilates Client

Pilates Practice at the Studio


  • My core strength has increased dramatically with the direction of Jennifer's expert explanation and teachings

Melissa Coleman

"...I began my Pilates instruction with Jennifer [in 2018]. I was new to the exercise and stuck with it, or should I say Jen stuck with me. I do believe we spent a good two weeks on the tuck and roll alone. It was a great learning experience for Jen and the class. We all grew to a comfort level with each new movement. Jen is very knowledgeable about the art of Pilates and its history. Jen had no trouble modifying movements for those of us finding some of the class more challenging. Also, Jen knew when to challenge those who would benefit from a new level. I was often finding myself in the hot seat with Jen's keen eye catching my compensations during moves. Jen knew how to modify moves to avoid risk of injury to myself and others. Jen was good at changing routines by adding equipment such as balls and lumbar pads when needed. Jen's soothing voice directs control in a calm and on point manner. I do miss class as we are unable to meet [during the pandemic]. My core strength has increased dramatically with the addition of Pilates under the direction of Jennifer's expert explanation and teachings... Jen has compassion, drive, knowledge, and enjoys educating others..."

Energy Work

Reiki Treatment


  • The energy work facilitated by Jen led to noticeable, positive differences in my mental, emotional and physical states

Melissa Giovinco

"Jennifer embodies knowledge, passion, dedication and compassion in sharing her gifts to support and heal others! I have had the honor of collaborating with Jennifer as a professional colleague, client/reiki recipient, and friend! There is no overstating the depth of wisdom, insights, inspiration, and genuine care shared in all of our endeavors and interactions; professionally and personally. Within our reiki sessions, I always felt held, safe, supported and comforted by her energetic presence and generous giving nature. Jen is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and attune/sensitive. She shared the enthusiasm for the insights, relaxation, messages and healing that took place during these sessions. The energy work facilitated by Jen led to noticeable, positive differences in my mental, emotional and physical states when compared to before and after each session. She always took the time to debrief and hold space for the sharing of internal experiences during the sacred work. Her compassionate suggestions and recommendations supported me energetically and physically as I moved through a life transition and moved further along on my healing journey. I am more than grateful for Jennifer and her skills as a body work and energy work practitioner, and would recommend her in a heartbeat!"

Jennifer is such an amazing coworker. She is so good at connecting with her clients and she takes the time to understand their needs so that she can provide them with the best services. As a reiki client of hers, I can tell that she is in tune with her energies, which leaves me feeling new and refreshed after each session.

Ashlyn Bartlebaugh

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